bitcoincash - 30% of Millennials Would Invest in Bitcoin Rather Than in Government Bonds

30% of Millennials Would Invest in Bitcoin Rather Than in Government Bonds

In 2017, we have seen how the cryptocurrency market experienced an incredible rise in its price and market capitalization. As mass media started to cover what was happening with the market, more individuals and institutions started to pay attention at the benefits of these currencies.

That’s why cryptocurrency exchanges and online platforms could not deal with the influx of new users. Most of these investors are just young millennials that are trying to get involved in this fascinating market.

Cryptocurrencies or Stocks?

According to a survey conducted by Blockchain Capital, 30 percent of individuals between 18-34 years old, would invest $1,000 in Bitcoin rather than in government bonds or stocks. That means that an important percentage of the society feels that cryptocurrencies are a better investment than bonds or stocks. In addition to it, the cryptocurrency market has far less than 30% market penetration, meaning that there is a lot of interest for it.

But the reasons why individuals are paying attention to this market are different. Some investors want to make fast money. But the reality is that after the incredible surge that the cryptocurrencies experienced the last year, it would be a little bit more complicated to repeat it this year. That’s why they invest in smaller coins with bigger possibilities to grow.

Other investors are really investing in cryptocurrencies because they believe that the future is a decentralized world. And other investors just want to make some profits by investing in more traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin. Furthermore, in some countries, cryptocurrencies work as a store of value and a means of payment, like in Venezuela.

“It is used as a currency in some places, used as an asset in others. But there are lot more transactions happening now in Bitcoin than there ever have been,” commented Luke Blodgett of Octic Capital. “Without access to smart phones, it could not have exploded as it has.”

The stocks now seem to be a conservative strategy for the investors that are in the cryptocurrency market. And if there is a crash in the traditional market, lots of individuals would move to the cryptocurrency one.