btc3 - Bitcoin - The Best Payment Processor For Any Business Owner

Bitcoin – The Best Payment Processor For Any Business Owner

Since the internet was launched, a lot of payment processors appeared to ease the process of transferring the funds. Among the first, there was created by Elon Musk – which now is known as PayPal, the biggest payment processor worldwide. And then, the Bitcoin was created.

Bitcoin provided a simple way to transfer the funds, without a huge commission taken by the payment processor used. If you’re a Bitcoin enthusiast, you probably know that today – 22 May – it’s the official Bitcoin Pizza day – as a commemoration of the first transaction who used Bitcoin as a payment processor.

Since then, more and more business owners started accepting Bitcoin as a way of payment. On you may find a lot of reasons why Bitcoin should be accepted by any merchant worldwide. Besides the low fees, Bitcoin eliminate any chance of getting a chargeback. These were great news for any business owner, as the most annoying thing as a business owner are the chargebacks.

Another great advantage of Bitcoin is the fact that it’s value is projected to grow in the future even more. While sitting at a $2,242 right now, Bitcoin can pass the $3,000 by the end of 2017. And that’s a great way to increase the earnings of your business. Let’s say you’re selling T-Shirts online for $10. If someone purchases a T-Shirt with Bitcoin and the Bitcoin grows to $3,000 by the end of 2017 – you just got yourself a 30% bonus earnings by just using Bitcoin as a Payment processor. Among the merchants that use Bitcoin as a payment processor – you may find: Dell, Reddit and even Microsoft. I think that you can agree with me when I say that Bitcoin is gold for business owners.

If your business doesn’t accept Bitcoin right now – I think you should take into consideration implementing it.  According to Skrill, one in four consumers will leave the checkout page if the retailer doesn’t have their preferred payment method. As a business owner, I’m sure you don’t want this so the best thing you can do is implement a Bitcoin payment option.