ethbetting - Ethereum Blockchain Lottery – ETH93

Ethereum Blockchain Lottery – ETH93

ETH93 is a transparent and efficient lottery game run on the Ethereum blockchain. Every single day, the lottery is held and a random number is generated. In this way, the winner is determined.

How does it work?

In order to participate, an endless amount of tickets can be bought by any individual. The ticket costs 0.01 Ether, and as more participants purchase tickets, the higher the jackpot will be. The lottery winner earns 93% of the funds collected, 5% are sent to the charity Heifer International, 1% is sent to ETH93 token holders and 1% is for the creators.

ETH93 is based in transparency, decentralization and a social aspect related to charity.

As the smart contract of the lottery runs on the Ethereum blockchain, it provides a 100% transparency to the public. In other lotteries, the users do not know which code is running behind the services they offer. The smart contracts that run on the Ethereum blockchain can be verified on

The same Ethereum platform provides a real decentralized service. No website or central server is necessary to run the lottery. In this way, the web page is only used for informative reasons about the lottery itself. The Smart contract that runs on the Ethereum blockchain is the real product.

The solidary side is represented by donations to the charity. 5% of the total ticket sales go to Heifer International that aims to reduce hunger and poverty, and it does it since 1944.

Finally, to determine a winner, the lottery chooses a random number between 0 and the number of tickets purchased minus 1. The numbers are selected by which has been around 20 years providing a popular and recognised service online.


To raise funds, ETH93 team is offering a token named ETH93. Taken holders are able to grab part of the proceeds of lotteries. ETH93 tokens will be available to purchase after running several times the lotteries with a stable user base.

In case you want to know more, you can contact the team through the email: or via twitter: @ethereum93.

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