gilgames - – Earn money while playing your favorite games – Earn money while playing your favorite games

You probably heard or said the following sentence at least once in your life : Stop playing games so much, you won’t earn money from playing games. A few years ago this would probably be 100% true – but since E-sports appeared, things have changed. Gamers have started creating content and a new era of gaming begin, an era where players could get rich playing their favorite games. brings a wonderful idea in the cryptocurrency& gaming industry by creating their E-sports platform.  The purpose of the platform would be creating a community where gamers could play in tournaments in order to earn cash.  No matter if we’re speaking about Dota 2, CS:GO or League of Legends, each gamer has a favorite game where they’re good at and would probably like to be rewarded in cash for their skills. brings cryptocurrency into the competitive gaming market. Their ethereum based platform will allow you to compete in tournaments with other people in order to win money. To start playing on you would first need to buy some GGS tokens. The GGS tokens would be send to a smart-contract which will allow you to compete with other players for a certain amount of money.

And now comes the interesting part: Gilgam,es doesn’t offer a platform for gaming only, but an entire solution to stop in-game cheating by their own KYC software which used artificial intelligence in order to detect if the player is using cheats or his skill level is better. I’m sure that this idea would change the gaming community and create a place where players would be rewarded for their skills, not their cheating techniques. Besides this, to secure the transactions will use a transaction system based on the ethereum blockchain. The financial transaction between players will be conducted by using smart contracts running on the ethereum block, which cannot be altered externally and therefore assuring both players a safe and secured transaction.

So, you probably already want to start playing – but you need to wait a little more, since are only in the project phase. However, you’re just on time for their ICO – where they are selling their GGS token for a small period of time. If you’re a fan of this or a fan of ICO’s, you need to know that in the first hour you can acquire 750 GGS tokens using 1 ETH – dropping weekly until it hits 500 GGS for 1 ETH. More information about their ICO can be found here or in their whitepaper.

While trying to create a fair game ecosystem, is one of the most promising cryptocurrency platforms in the future, allowing people to use their hobby to make money.