btc2 - Investing in Bitcoin – Is Bitcoin worth buying at $2000?

Investing in Bitcoin – Is Bitcoin worth buying at $2000?


Known as the Digital Gold, Bitcoin has made a name of itself after growing from a few cents to a thousand of dollars in a few years. Many people saw this as an accident, as a thing that would be dead in a year or two – but apparently the bitcoin created a whole new industry in just 8 years.

So Bitcoin is here to stay. But isn’t $2000 a price way too big to invest in Bitcoin? People thought that $600 was a huge price to buy bitcoin, then again they thought the same thing when it was $1000 and the history repeat when Bitcoin is close to $2000. Being the oldest cryptocurrency and the most trusted, Bitcoin has become one of the best investing options of the year 2017. There are many ways to use the Bitcoin but a great one would be to keep it. As you might know, Bitcoin has a limited number of 21,000,000 coins. Which means that with time, the value of Bitcoin will grow according to the number of people who buy it and how much are they willing to pay for it.

This year was a great one for Bitcoin – and we’re even close to the end of it. Japan recognized Bitcoin as a legal payment method and now Russia ,Mexico and Australia  wants to do the same thing. So if you’re asking yourself if investing in Bitcoin at this moment  is a good idea – it is. Bitcoin probably won’t grow like before, but you can expect a 20-30% increase in a few months/years.Even if you want to use Bitcoin to trade digital currencies or to have a Bitcoin IRA – You should invest in Bitcoin before the price will be too high to afford it.

However, please keep in mind that even if the Bitcoin had a great growth over the past months – it still counts as an investment. There’s no guarantee that the Bitcoin price will grow even more over the time, these are just personal opinions and investing should be done properly – only invest how much you can afford to loose, not like this guy.