NDX - NDX - A Digital Asset You Should Keep An Eye On

NDX – A Digital Asset You Should Keep An Eye On

NDX is a fresh digital asset which gains their value from the non-weighted average value of the first 30 cryptocurrencies by the market cap. Similar to Dow Jones, NDX tokens offers a way for an investor to reduce the risks by distributing their money among 30 cryptocurrencies know for their growth and value.

Instead of investing in one cryptocurrency, with NDX token you can actually invest in more of them, reducing the risk of losing tremendous percentage by investing in the wrong coin. NDX tokens can be bought with both PayPal or Bitcoin. Similar to Bitcoin, they can be sent to other wallets instantly, anonymously and untraceable.

NDX was created to be simple, effiecient, fast and secured. Most of the cryptocurrences explain their technology in the way that only an internet savvy or a crypto enthusiast would understand, NDX wants to change this and be more appealing to the mass group of people who aren’t in the cryptocurrency industry and help them invest their money easier. Bought NDX tokens will be deposited to the wallets within 24h. The website communication is secured by a 256-bit SSL encryption & adaptive CAPCHAs specially designed for an extra layer of security. You can easily create a NDX wallet, the process is easier than with other cryptocurrencies where you need to download the entire blockchain.

Right now, the price of 1 NDX is $132.31- with the price and statistics get from coinmarketcap and it’s planned to grow even more in the future. With every top 30 cryptocurrency that grows, the price of NDX will grow too. NDX isn’t the type of token in which you would invest $100 and hope to gain $1000 overnight,. NDX token it’s created more for the long run and the stability.

This doesn’t mean that NDX won’t grow in the future, as you invest in the top 30 cryptocurrencies with the higest growth in the past few years which proved their worth and the ability to pass the obstacles.